Company Profile

In 1977, our company started to manufacture industrial kitchen equipments in Istanbul and took its place in the sector.

Our company has the vision of quality, customer satisfaction and continuous technological development from the day that it was founded.

In our catalog, all products are CE certified. All tests of our gas burning devices have been carried out in accordance with CE standards in TÜV and MEYER laboratories, which are accredited by EU accredited organizations.

Our company continues its activities with its experienced staff and high technology in Istanbul, has succeeded to become an expedient company in the sector with its 41 years of experience and products identified with the name of QUALITY.


Following the innovations and developments in industrial kitchen sector with quality production and having service oriented approach. To be an innovative and pioneer company that produces good quality and price advantageous products that can compete with imported products.


Adapting to the rapidly developing sector by using technology and information at every stage of production and providing that our company comes to mind with quality production and service approach.